• unlimited departments
  • unlimited technicians
  • instant messaging between technicians
  • automatic ticket assignment
  • news module for users and technicians separately
  • file support
  • Windows tray notification
  • advanced FAQ
  • easy ticket reply / search
  • strict security rules between departments
  • 5 star ranking system
  • mailing lists
  • integrated bug tracking
  • integrate with ANY forum
  • easy to use interface
  • quick stats
  • visitor/buyer/prospect/difficult client tracking
  • ... and a lot more

eDesk2 - help desk software

eDesk 2 - help desk software
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eDesk'05 is an advanced application with a wide range of features. It does more than we can possibly describe in a single page, but we've highlighted its major features here. Explore these pages to dig deeper into eDesk's rich feature set; here's an at-a-glance summary:

  • MySQL Backend - Web4Future eDesk'05 is powered by mySQL, one of the most powerful, reliable, fast, and secure open-source database backends in the world.

  • Unlimited Custom Fields - Web4Future eDesk'05 can store an unlimited number of custom fields in each ticket and for each user -- get exactly the information you need from your customers (see a screenshot)

  • Advanced traking system - Web4Future eDesk'05 has the most advanced ticket tracking system on the market. Your technicians are just one click away from client info, past tickets, full conversations and messages.

  • Full Language Translation - Web4Future eDesk'05 supports full translations of the user interface -- error messages, e-mails sent to customers, interface elements, even your customized categories, and fields can be shown in any language available on your installation.

  • No Limits - Web4Future eDesk'05 imposes no limits on number of users, tickets, knowledgebase articles, technicians, and messages. It can support gigantic installations (on our own website, the system contains nearly 20,000 tickets) without performance issues.

  • Advanced FAQ - Web4Future eDesk'05 features the most advanced knowledge base system on the market. It supports unlimited, nestable categorization, provides easy ways to link related articles and categories to each other, and provides full text searching to your users. More information on the knowledge base feature is available on the knowledge base page.

  • eDesk'05 is a customer relationship management system. The major components of this system include:
    • A ticket system for interaction between staff and end users, providing both web and e-mail interfaces for users and staff
    • A category/product-driven knowledgebase for self-service questions & answers
    • Staff teamwork tools (news, private messaging, etc.)
    • Staff self-management tools (calendaring, performance stats, etc.)
    • Extensive statistics and reporting facility
    • Customized fields for tickets and users
    • Highly accessible to all users and skill levels (context-sensitive help system, multiple languages support, etc. )
    • Advanced administration controls (templates, technician permissions, system settings, etc.)
  • Technical Support
    • free bug fixes and version updates
    • easily communicate with our specialists using the built in form in the administration panel
    • installation is free. The software comes with basic install and customization instructions

  • Requirements
    • PHP 4.x and mySQL 3.2.x correctly installed
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