eCommerce Enterprise Edition v2.1

A fully template driven system which you can use the software to sell any kind of products from computers, household items, downloadable goods, services, groceries, cars or real estates.


Administration Module Features


  • Password protected administration area



Interface designed for easy use

  • easy to use, intuitive interface
  • available in 7 languages (english, romanian, hungarian, french, spanish, italian, bulgarian)
  • reduced number of intermediate pages reduces load time and increases efficiency, productivity and ROI (return on investment)



Brand Manager

  • Add/modify/delete brands with logo, name and link
  • the program can automatically resize the logos, or you can upload ready made images


Category Manager

  • add as many categories as you need
  • add as many subcategories as you need and more!
  • describe each products in a category with up to 20 features
  • every category can have different features with different names


Price Manager

  • easily change pricing categories with one click of a button
  • easily change prices of products using our friendly Price Manager
  • from the single screen Price Manager view and modify the supplier data
  • view the price changes in the Price Manager and in your store front
  • let shoppers know about a price change without any extra work from your part
  • easily keep track of the prices you buy items, currency you buy them (EURO, USD, Yen, etc.) and the supplier


Product Manager

  • list products with picture and descriptions
  • instantly add/modify/delete products
  • easily move products from and to any category
  • easily manage price discounts
  • add full product description
  • add HTML tags in descriptions
  • add product image
  • automatically resize images in 3 sizes (small, medium, large)
  • add link to the product page on the manufacturers site
  • add link to reviews on the Internet (ex. ZDnet reviews)
  • store last products info for easier use
  • up to 5 invisible fields where you can enter data that only you will see. You can use these fields to:
    • store information about the factory you buy the goods from
    • price and currency you bought the item
    • shipping and other expenses you have with that specific product
    • notes regarding the specific product
    • special info about the manufacturer or product (like: limited edition, available untill may, "must call to ask for a discount", etc.)
    • miscellaneous info (ex. ships in 3 days)


Inventory Manager

  • upload all the inventory at once in CVS format
  • input the number of items you currently have
  • add items to the list using +3 ( meaning you have 3 new items in your inventory)
  • decrease inventory items using -3 ( you sold 3 products from your on-line or offline store)



Query Manager

  • Query you database using common SQL commands and view real time results
  • Advanced search
  • Easily create and restore backups of the whole site
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