ZIP radius search & distance calculator
The fastest radius search you will ever find!

It's special database structure and unique mathematical functions make it the fastest ZIP radius search on the net.
ZIP distance calculator US let's you calculate the distance between any two zip codes (cities) from the Unites States. You can use this data in commercial purposes or to calculate the shipping costs for you products directly from your site. The script was written in PHP, but on request there is a Windows Desktop version available.

ZIP radius search US let's you find all US ZIP codes in a radius of X miles (km) from any given zip code. You can use this data on different websites like: dating services, dealer locator, yellow pages and directories etc.

New in ver 2.1 - zip radius search

Radius Search up to 50% faster than searching using mySQL Spatial indexes!
Up to date database with 44.629 US zip codes (updated Dec.18 2015)
We have all the zip codes in the US, from the lowest zip code, 00501, a unique ZIP Code for the Internal Revenue Service in Holtsville, NY. to the highest zip code, 99950, in Ketchikan, AK

10 MB of data in the database
Database fields: Zip code, City, County, State, Latitude, Longitude
Download in 4 different formats: SQL,CSV, XLS, XML.
Full script can be downloaded in PHP+mySQL.

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Zip Code Distance Calculator
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Us Zip code distribution across the US states
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